How do I get recruited to play sports in college?

Some practical advice to get recruited to play sports in college

  • The recruiting process varies greatly by sport, but these fundamentals will help get you into the school of your choice!
  1. Be Proactive - In interviews with college coaches, this was the number one piece of advice they gave to potential recruits. Make it happen for yourself and put yourself on the coaches radar!
  2. Use film - Film is not the end all be all in the recruiting process, but it's a practical and powerful tool to show your best plays to many college coaches and get on their radar.
  3. Cast a wide net - Don't limit your options! Look into many different schools and select from the best ones once you've weighed your options.
  4. Communicate for yourself - Coaches don't want to hear from mom and dad, they want to hear from you directly.
  5. Make your decision count - Where you attend college is a "4o year decision" consider a college / degree that's a good fit for your life after sports.

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