How do I register for Team Game Film?

To register as part of a team that purchased team game film, follow these instructions.

What Is Team Game Film?

  • First Scout offers a package called "Team Game Film" where anyone on the team is able to access! If you are part of a group that has purchased Team Game Film and want to access the videos, follow these steps to Register for Team Game Film and receive the videos in your account.


  1. The PURCHASER of the Team Game Film package will receive a Team Game Film registration link and will distribute to anyone who should register. The Purchaser does NOT need to register themselves as they are already in the system!
  2. Click the Team film Registration Link
  3. Login or Sign up for a First Scout Account
  4. Fill out your player information entering your correct TEAM NAME in the TEAM NAME area
  5. No payment is necessary. Once your registration is received allow between 1-2 business days for your film to be populated into your account.
  6.  If you have issues, you can always CONTACT SUPPORT

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