What do college coaches want to see in a highlight reel?

What to include and what not to include in your highlight reel for college recruiting

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  • Whether you're editing your own highlight reel or having First Scout professionally create it, here are some simple, practical best practices to follow when creating a highlight reel to send to college coaches.
  • First Scout follows these identical criteria when professionally creating your highlight reel!
    • Best plays first - Hook the coach right away by putting your best plays first. Give them a reason to watch your whole reel.
    • Spot-shadow or indicator at the beginning of every play to point you out. Like this....
  • Short! Keep your reel between 3-5 minutes MAXIMUM
  • Sweet! Show only your best plays, don't be afraid to cut out plays to keep it short.
  • Bio Card at beginning - Start your video with a bio card showing coaches your crucial ACADEMIC and athletic information.

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